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Our primary criteria for disbursing funds are as follows:

Relationship with a Primary Care Veterinarian: The pet must have an established relationship with a primary care veterinarian.

Up-to-Date Vaccines: The pet must be current on vaccinations.

Spaying or Neutering: The pet should be spayed or neutered to prevent further unplanned litters.

Financial Assistance Need: The pet owner must demonstrate a financial need for assistance with the emergency medical costs.

Good Prognosis: The pet must have a good prognosis for recovery, ensuring that the funds are used effectively.

In situations where a pet meets the criteria and requires emergency care, the attending veterinarian can apply for HAPI funds on behalf of the pet.

Currently, our funds are only available at ACCESS Palm Beach. However, we are actively seeking to expand our reach to help more pets in need.

Your generous donations make it possible for us to provide this vital support to pets and their owners during their most challenging times. Thank you for your continued support.

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