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Our Story 

HAPI was founded in 2023 by a husband and wife team of veterinarians, Alec and Dana Sherman. Alec and Dana share a passion for the care of animals and have dedicated their lives to being strong advocates for animals of all species. While their role as veterinarians is extremely rewarding, it also brings emotional challenges. 

In veterinary medicine, the euthanasia of pets often arises from pet owners' financial limitations preventing them from affording essential and life-saving medical or surgical treatment. Economic euthanasia frequently results in considerable emotional and moral distress for both the pet owners and the veterinary professionals involved.

Throughout their lives, Alec and Dana have rescued numerous pets, but it was one particular rescue that motivated them to find a way to help, which inspired this organization. In 2020, a beautiful 2-year-old Yellow Lab arrived at Alec’s animal hospital with a life-threatening obstruction in his small intestine caused by eating a sock. He was such a sweet dog, but his owners could not afford the surgery to remove the sock–an operation that would save his life. They elected euthanasia. Alec and Dana decided to have the dog surrendered to them and paid for the surgery and aftercare themselves. Alec surgically removed the sock successfully, and after 5 days of intensive treatment in the hospital, the dog was ready to come home. His recovery was smooth, and he remains a healthy boy to this day 3 years later. His name is now Bodhi, and he has been a part of the Sherman family ever since.

This was neither the first nor the last time Alec and Dana were faced with such a situation. No matter how much they wish they could, Alec and Dana realized they could not save them all–but they could try. They founded HAPI to assist pet owners who face difficult financial decisions with the hopes that they can make a difference in the lives of as many pets and pet owners as possible. 

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